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You can write your own apprenticeship contract or download a learning contract template. Hello, Although most people use the model where it is not, you must keep the agreement used by the employer (download on your system). You cannot require employers to use the model in BUD if they have their own model that meets the requirement. HTH The assistance rules stipulate that the employer and the apprentice must have a training contract at the beginning of the apprenticeship: An apprenticeship contract must be signed at the beginning of the apprenticeship. It is used to validate individual employment agreements between the apprentice and the employer. Our legal advisors at NWL Legal have revised our proposed contracts to reflect key changes to the ESFA funding rules released in August. My question is…. a signed ESFA model (on the link above) in our Evidence Pack is sufficient to ensure that we are compliant as training providers, or we need a copy of an agreement or contract that the employer may have between them and their apprentice. This agreement must be signed by the apprentice and the employer at the beginning of the apprenticeship. This document is a model provided by the ESFA to help employers.

Hello, the employer can write his own apprentice contract or use the ESFA model, you need what is used as proof. All right, our electronic wallet system (EDB) has an integrated learning contract signed online between employer and learner. It is based on the ESFA model – what do you say, will it be enough as compliant evidence? You must sign a declaration of commitment with your apprentice and the training provider . . . . The revised copies are available on request at 2020/21 members per letter to: [email protected] We now invite you to contact us directly to receive copies of the following: ..