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(a) The terms and conditions, invoice, ticket and/or ( are not an offer. The purchase of a ticket plan is concluded only when the potential licensee accepts both: (i) recognizes the acceptance of these CGs and agrees to be bound by these conditions (i.e. by signature or click online, the “offer”); and (ii) receives a written notification of acceptance by the licensee, which depends on the policyholder`s compliance with the terms and conditions and the confirmation of the purchase of the ticket plan. (iii) The amount payable by the licensee, which is shown on the front of the confirmation mail, includes the cost of a menu with ballpark-rated food products, soft drinks and, only for luxury suite purchases, domestic beer. The types of meals and beverages that make up the Ballpark fare menu are defined by the dealer and may change (all at the dealer`s exclusive and absolute discretion). All other alcoholic beverages are made available to the licensee for a fee, the fee is set by the dealer at his sole discretion. Other menu items may be made available to the licensee for a fee, as agreed and provided for in a separate agreement that can be concluded between the licensee and the dealer. When the licensee opens the stadium to the public`s admission to gambling at its sole discretion, the products and beverages that the dealer makes available to the licensee are deemed to be agreements entered into by the dealer pursuant to this license or a separate agreement between the licensee and the dealer. In the past, leagues have signed licensing agreements with several companies to manufacture a product. But this has led companies to lower their prices and hurt their profits and league brands.

As a result, leagues are signing more exclusive agreements and reducing the number of licensees they work with, said Daryl McKay, president of Sports Images, which distributes licensed products to Sports Authority, Model Him and other retailers.