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A confidentiality agreement is also allowed. In some cases, a subcontract would also be welcome if the VA deemed it necessary. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your virtual assistant contract describes exactly what you are going to do for the customer. Get a specific list of your tasks so you can ensure your performance. Be sure to create and provide measurement value to your client, whether it`s a completed project, a website, a Word document, a zero inbox, a time recording protocol or whatever. First, there are a number of agreements that can be used by VAs depending on the specific details and the type of work they have entrusted. However, they often find clauses on these different agreements, which are contained in a single virtual support contract. A well-designed PDF virtual assistant contract serves two main purposes. First, it is a legal agreement that binds the client to the virtual assistant.

It defines the conditions under which they must work together. Second, the treaty shows the professionalism of both parties. This shows that the client and the VA take their role seriously in the project and do not want to oppose a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship. That`s why a virtual assistant contract is so important: this document introduces basic party credentials, such as names and address details. Then details on the work itself and virtual support services, such as projects, deadlines, terminals, expense information, etc., will be included. Finally, more virtual assistant contracts will contain some form of confidentiality agreement. In principle, it`s about protecting your business resources (connection information, customer lists, growth strategies, business secrets, business processes) from the wrong hands. A number of paintings, and this is more likely among inexperienced virtual assistants; You`ll find a VA that wonders if they really need a virtual assistant contract. Many began to work on trust, but later discovered the importance of a written and duly signed contract. For the lucky ones, this lesson comes only with some unpleasant experiences. For others, the lesson has a huge cost; often a significant loss after spending time and effort providing the necessary services, but not getting paid in the end. If you have a business with a virtual assistant, it`s time to make sure you`re fully covered by a contract that has been done specifically for you.

Click here today to fully access Toolbox going. This part of your contract describes what you hire your assistant for. Most virtual assistant companies already deal with this aspect in your customer agreement for you. However, if you hire an AV organization yourself, this clause is extremely important because you will use it directly. NDAs create a confidential working relationship between you and your assistant. It protects you and your assistant`s private information, and prevents both parties from disclosing it. ANN is usually used when tons of sensitive information are exchanged regularly. A simple virtual assistant contract is worth saving. It doesn`t need to be filled with legal enthes person, but it`s a good idea to have a work agreement between you and your virtual assistant or virtual assistant company.