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We have been following discussions on a recent licence review and we want to address this issue because we believe that some clarification may be necessary. More clarity may have helped explain why we chose to switch from Microsoft Public License (MS-PL) to a new Community License. If we have not been able to communicate our intentions clearly enough, we apologize to those who may have been surprised by these changes. Hello, “With this double Whammy… Not only do you not get all the checks, but the controls you get, you have to pay now is not what most of us consider a good deal”. If you`re working on a non-commercial project, you don`t have to pay, with the new license, nothing has changed for you. Here too, if you make money with the toolbox, we believe you can at least pay for the Small Business license (or see what is possible with the sales department). @XceedBoucherS now that the library is under your custom license, you should go through the code and remove all mentions to Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) because it is misleading. Since version 3.6.0 and licensed Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) are licensed, is it possible to continue using these versions for commercial purposes until we update to the 3.7.0? I think what`s annoying here is that people are updating on the Nuget for this project and find that the license has changed among them without obvious notification.

An advanced WPF toolkit — . In combination with this thread that confirms that “free” components developed with the help of the community will no longer be “free”, I can only recommend to my company not to renew our subscription this year. As painful as it is, we will tear all Xceed components from our code base and replace them with alternatives. By clicking on the box “I read the CLUE” and “I agree” by executing a written copy of this contract or by installing, reproducing or otherwise using the software, you declare yourself bound by the terms of this Agreement and the terms of the company`s privacy policy at; and (ii) You ensure and guarantee that you can enter into legally binding contracts and that you are entitled to accept these terms on behalf of a company, if any.