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Sometimes you are hired to turn a sensitive subject like suicide, racism, sex, politics or religion, etc. Inserting a sensitive use clause protects you from all claims that the model makes for lost work on the road. Sensitive use cases are of course subjective. RIGHTS/QUANTITY This is the number of times in the period during which the image is used. Limited: A limited number of paintings such as “2 inserts” or “race of 5,000” in the purchased period. If you reach multiple inserts in publications like People or USA Today, you can also buy unlimited rights. Unlimited: Can be used indefinitely (unspecified) in the purchased period. This does not transfer copyright to you or your customers, and it does not mean the same thing as “unlimited time.” You only have the right to use the image, not to resell it or to authorize third parties. Total Buyout: You have acquired the copyright on the image and you have all the rights to do with the image what you want. You own it, basically. In the case of illustration, you own the rights, but you do not necessarily have the final art. This usually requires a very specific and carefully formulated sales contract. Expect to pay dearly for this use! It`s a term that many commercial photographers don`t include in their contracts, but I think it`s important because there are so many differences in customer expectations when it comes to what they expect from a photographer or not to do with the images after a photo shoot.

It`s a good idea to set any post-processing you intend to do after a photo shoot, and also detail, with all your strengths, which is not included. It is also a good idea of your hour retouching rate for extra work so they know what it is. The use of images or the image of the model is limited to the objective permitted, unless the model agency issues prior written permission. Some uses, such as the use of images for products, product packaging, advertising, media, billboards, counter-cards or other similar special uses, may require separate agreements and tariffs. Neither party can change the duration or condition of this contract without the explicit written agreement of the company name. The name of the company opposes any change in these conditions by Model or Customer who claims to link the name of the company to a condition that is not mentioned in this Contract or any other that claims to link the name of the company to the terms of the customer or model without written authorization of the company`s name. They also offer legal protection when it comes to the south, and make your client-photographers agreements transparent in all aspects of the project.