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Nothing contains any of it affects a law in force in 1 India and is not expressly repealed here, by which a contract must be entered into in writing 2 or in the presence of witnesses or in the presence of witnesses or in connection with the recording of the documents. a r e n n t is p r o m o e o s o s n s i a t o n t. “Displaystyle agreement-promised consideration.” Treaty enforcement is a major problem in India, as the judicial system can be slow and contested. [4] India ranks 163rd out of 191 countries surveyed by the World Bank on the simple application of a treaty. [5] There are other laws in the country that discourage some people from entering into contracts. They are:- A contract that is no longer enforceable by law is extinguished when it is no longer enforceable. 3- Legitimate counterpart: In Currie v. Misa, Lush J.A. defined the recital: “A valid consideration within the meaning of the law may consist of either a party having rights, interest, profits or benefits that accrue to one party, or in a certain leniency granted to the other a loss, loss or liability that it has suffered or assumed.” Reflection means “something against royalty,” which means that the parties must be taken in one way or another, whether it is profits, rights, interest, etc., or agreeing to have some form of advantageous “counterparty.” In addition, if the Agency is for a specified period in accordance with Section 205, the contracting entity cannot terminate the Agency before the expiry of the deadline, unless it is for a sufficient reason. If this is the case, he is required to compensate the officer for the harm he has suffered. The same rules apply when the agent renounces an agency for a specified period of time. In this context, note that the ability to continue to disobey legitimate orders, and rude or offensive behaviour was considered sufficient reason for the dismissal of an officer.

In addition, one party must assign appropriate communication to the other, in a partisan manner; otherwise, damages resulting from the absence of such a notification must be paid (section 206). In accordance with Section 207, the revocation or waiver of an agency may be done expressly or implicitly by conduct. The termination will not take effect for the agent until it is known to the agent and the third party until they know the termination (section 208). Sub-agent appointed by an agent to participate in the name of his work.