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C. The subscription and transfer document for the adjustment of the border lines must contain a binding agreement stating that the transferred country is exclusively intended to adapt the boundary line between the parcels and not to be sold or transferred as a separate parcel by the stock exchanger, heirs and beneficiaries of the transfer. (1284-17§ 2 (ex.B); 1144-12§ 2 (Exh. A)) B. The boundary adjustment scheme shall indicate the external borders of all land involved in the adaptation and label the receiving parcel as a single parcel covering the transferred part of the licensor`s property. Revised legal descriptions of the parcels concerned must be attached to the map. Conflicts of aggression occur when one neighbor builds border fences or border walls that cross the exact border and enter the other`s property. Adjustments to the range of lots shall not be proposed or designed in such a way as to satisfy any of the following entries: A. In the case of border adjustments, which are reviewed at the same time as a land-use measure requiring a decision by the auditor, the BLA application shall be considered complete for the determination of completeness only when the simultaneous application is complete. Landowners can officially mark their border with a fence or demarcation line. Edge line adjustment is the process of editing property lines.

For the adjustment of the border lines, landowners must submit to the local authority a request to adjust the land boundary. The application form must be accompanied by current and proposed legal descriptions of the property established by a surveyor. However, the method of adapting the property line should not apply to the adaptation of utilities, easements, or other line elements not related to properties. In order to create a legal right to the use of community land, landowners may enter into mutual easement agreements. 9. The proposed border adaptation shall not lead to non-compliant consignments or non-compliant situations and shall not lead to non-conformities at the time of application. (1284-17§ 2 (ex.B); 1144-12§ 2 (Exh. (A) The purpose of this Chapter is to provide procedures and standards for the adaptation of boundaries between neighbouring parcels. The legitimate objectives of border adjustment requests are determined by compliance with the following standards: 2) Pre-implementation conference is not necessary. If a proposed boundary line adjustment involves only two regular rectangular parcels and the proposed boundary line adjustment involves moving the common line to create two revised regular rectangular parcels, the applicant may submit the application without a pre-application conference. When revising the border adjustment proposal, the Director or his representative shall use the following approval criteria. To be approved, an application must meet all of the following criteria: A.

If the requirements of this Chapter are met, the Director shall certify approval of the adaptation of the boundary lines. If so, how do you help make this line “official” for both sides and public opinion in general? The only thing I could think of was that both parties would sign and record affidavits indicating the facts needed to conclude a border agreement, as well as a description of the line they approved. . . .