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If you leave the property and allow someone else to live there without your landlord making that person a tenant, they are not allowed to stay in the property and can easily be moved. If you do not assign the lease, you will remain the legitimate tenant and the landlord can take legal action against you for any rent due. Tenants of licensed housing are not allowed to assign or sublet their tenancy. It is quite rare for standard ASTs to be awarded, as they are short-term and a new lease can be easily arranged and signed, although this gives each new tenant a new full term and at least 6 months. In the event of an assignment, the lessor normally requires you and the new tenant to enter into a document with the lessor in which the new tenant agrees to assume your commitments in the lease agreement and you acknowledge that, despite the assignment, you are not exempt from the obligations of the lease agreement. If we approve your order, we will write to you and the transferee, and we ask you both to participate in an appointment in order to formally hand over the rental agreement from you to the pensioner. The date on which your rental is transmitted to the transferee is normally the Monday following that date and the transferee is responsible for the rent and all other rental conditions from that date. You can assign your secure roommate rental relationship to your husband or wife or life partner if they reside with you. Assignment is when the tenant transfers all of his interest in a rental agreement to a third party. The original tenant then ceases to have any interest or participation in the rental agreement, and the zessional becomes the tenant, who is now directly related to the lessor and is responsible for the lease. If a lessor improperly withholds consent, you can ask the rental court to authorize an assignment or terminate the tenancy.

This is called attribution. The new tenant assumes all the tasks of the former tenant. You can assign your tenancy to someone who would inherit the lease if you were dead. The start date of your lease depends on the start date of your lease. If you leave your home and do not intend to return, the security of your rental will be lost. If you give your keys to someone else, even if that person had the right to take over the rental, Islington Council will consider them an unauthorized occupant and take legal action to dislodge the person and repossess the property. While the person remains in the property until we get the keys, we charge them for the use and if more than one tenant is mentioned in the rental agreement, the lessor can take a tenant`s notification as termination of the lease for all of them. When one common tenant dies, the other common tenant inherits the lease and becomes the sole tenant.

This person will be responsible for paying the full rent on the land. If you want to assign your place in the rental agreement, the remaining tenants must all agree. You must also obtain the written consent of the owner. The lessor may not refuse to do so inappropriately and may not add any inappropriate conditions to his consent. If a landlord refuses the tenant the possibility of subletting, the tenant may, on request, terminate the rental agreement. Subletting is not possible in approved housing body leases.. . . .