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Most schools have already started paying the increase from the agreed date of the first full payment period on or after January 29, 2017. However, if this has not been the case, members should now receive the increase plus the refund until that date. Support and operational enterprise agreements at more than 30 independent Catholic schools in NSW were recently approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Yes, the FWC has certainly taken its time since EU members voted in favour of the agreements last December! The improvement of working and employment conditions now applies and will continue to apply for the duration of each EA. Although the EAs could only be legally enforceable after the FWC`s approval, the union insisted on the inclusion of an additional payment clause obliging employers to support salary increases to members after approval. If you haven`t received a salary increase yet this year or if you`re not receiving one soon with an additional payment, you`ll talk to your school about it. If your salary is not paid, contact your IEU organizer for assistance. There are a lot of benefits in these new EAs, not just salary increases. See the latest Newsmonth for the whole story – see p. 3 . .