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Trades are executed at Interactive Brokers using our superior price execution technology and then transferred to a third-party broker. Interactive Brokers has revolutionized trading gaming since disruptor Thomas Peterfly founded brokerage in 1993. Built as an electronic networking and business execution service, it has not been affected by traditional operating costs, including branches, asset management services, and the paper-filled backroom. It took advantage of this advantage to offer extremely low commissions and now generates the highest daily trading income of any US broker. The simplest solution for institutional clients is our IBClear all-in-one service. Trades are executed on a single platform and are cleared smoothly, thus avoiding the inefficiency of consultations and interruptions in trading between brokers. Consider the following benefits of our IBClear solution: In addition, every broker we surveyed had to complete a 320-point survey on all aspects of their platform that we used in our tests. Many of the online brokers we evaluated gave us a personal demonstration of their platforms in our offices. Both brokers offer extensive training and research on their websites. Lightspeed materials are better organized, with easy-to-find information about trading strategies and software platforms.

The optional training is particularly noteworthy and offers detailed tutorials covering all kinds of market opportunities. It`s almost impossible to create a diagram template that doesn`t need to be changed every week, and many account holders give up and use a third-party technical analysis solution. Unfortunately, this can create additional frustration, as the TWS API reduces the download speed of historical data by citing speed and beam size limitations. Interactive Brokers` proprietary Tax Optimizer tool allows a client to set an automatic default comparison method and replace it if necessary for a particular symbol. With TWS, you can set order defaults for any asset class and set hot keys for quick order transfer. Orders can be executed either individually or in batches for subsequent execution. You can set a date and time for the transfer of an order or set a complex conditional order that is activated after certain conditions are met, for example.B. an executed order or an index that reaches a set value. . .