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. Remember that the student organizes accommodation himself. Sometimes universities offer students dormitories or help with housing. Then you need to carefully read the procedure and submit the application within the prescribed time… After downloading the Learning Agreement for Studies (LA), read the guidelines carefully to complete the document correctly. Careful! Documents cannot be modified – they cannot link to parts or individual tables in them, with the exception of the exception set out in the guidelines. . CAREFUL! The addition of articles in Poland is based on the assessments and ECTS points in the list of conclusions of all articles contained in LA. In some higher education institutions, the assessment system may vary and not all subjects receive assessments. In this case, contact the coordinator of the home faculty and determine the conditions of imputation. ♦ Before departure, an e-learning agreement generated by the USOSweb system must be prepared. After confirmation of admission, official invitation and prospectus from the host university, the student receives a certificate at the NFZ before leaving for the BWM to issue a European Health Insurance Card (EMIC).

This is a document that allows you to benefit from health care during your stay in the countries of the European Union. In addition, it is recommended to have additional accident insurance (NNW) and civil liability insurance (OC) that the student himself will not remove. When you arrive at the university, you have to complete certain fundamental tasks, one of the most important changes regarding Erasmus+ is the possibility of leaving several students, including those who have already participated in the Erasmus LLP programme. The limit of these trips is the length and cycle of study. In other words, under Erasmus+, each person has a mobility capital which is 12 months for programmes I, II and III and 24 months for a master`s degree. In case of dementia, the student has the opportunity to travel that lasts no more than 12 months in each course and 24 months for a single master`s degree. In practice, this means that a level I student can, for example. B follow a 12-month scholarship or leave twice for 6-month scholarships, etc. The duration of study abroad remains unchanged and is 3 to 12 months. NOTE!: Compulsory registration at the start in the ODYSEUSZ system – Contact with the coordinator of the faculty of the partner university;- Registration at the partner university;- Legalization of the stay;- Knowledge of the current course program (if certain subjects are not implemented despite a previously received curriculum, you must, in consultation with the coordinator of the faculty of the partner and parent university, modify the Learning Agreemen 1988 training program.

t – section to be completed during mobility). . . . . .