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Contact us at Courtesy Ford Altoona to explore the options you have at the end of your lease agreement. As a rule, you can buy 3 lanes, buy your currently leased vehicle, exchange another vehicle or simply return the vehicle. While you`re here, our knowledgeable sales team helps you find the perfect replacement vehicle! It may be advantageous for you to use another vehicle of the same manufacture and model. Manufacturers often offer incentives for customer loyalty. On the other hand, there are often additional discounts for tenants, even if you are leasing a competing vehicle. Take advantage of all the incentives you are due! A: Yes, as with financing a car, you can exchange a vehicle to use as a down payment for a rented vehicle. A higher acompage reduces your monthly payments. Galpin Lincoln offers a variety of leasing options for new Lincoln cars, crossovers and SUVs. We have a wide range of vehicle rental options that meet your needs and budget. Galpin Lincoln`s financial experts can help you determine if renting your nearest vehicle is right for you. Bring your rented vehicle to Courtesy Ford Altoona at the end of your lease agreement.

Be sure to bring all the keys and accessories that came with your vehicle. Not sure if you`re buying or renting your next new Lincoln car or SUV? Don`t worry! Our financial experts can help you choose the route that suits you best. Both options have their pros and cons, so it helps to go through them to see which one best fits your needs. Visit our Lincoln dealership near Paramus, NJ today to meet with our financing team. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your lifestyle. Q: Can I exchange a vehicle as acomptt for a lease? Contact your landlord and receive a payment for your vehicle as payment. Take your vehicle to Courtesy and have it evaluated by one of our experienced sales managers. If trading with the offer is greater than you owe, this is usually the best option at the end of your lease. A: Your rental agreement has an amount per kilometer calculated for all excess kilometers, or you have the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of the rental agreement to avoid fees. A: Although it depends on your rental conditions, you can usually buy your vehicle at the end of the rental agreement if you wish.

Financing can be arranged at Galpin Lincoln. Q: Can I buy my vehicle at the end of the lease agreement? Q: How many miles per year can I lease? **Returned vehicles are subject to a disposal fee, if the rental agreement is indicated. Qualified renters who purchase a new Lincoln or Ford vehicle may be entitled to a waiver. The request for excessive wear and tear and waiver of use must be received within 60 days of termination from Lincoln Automotive Financial Services. Requests payment of all other remaining fees and confirmation that the leased vehicle has been replaced with a new Lincoln or Ford vehicle funded by Lincoln Automotive Financial Services. Offer applies only to qualifying fees for wear and overuse (does not include excess kilometres) and is not transferable. The termination of rental contracts covered by wear and tear products and waiver of use is not justified. Not all clients qualify for financing by Lincoln Automotive Financial Services. Offers can be cancelled at any time.

Contact your Lincoln dealer for more information. Whether you want to buy, cancel or negotiate your currently rented vehicle, simply contact us for assistance! These leasing policies should help make the end of your lease a smooth transition. A: Most leases are valid for 10-15,000 miles per year, although deals with higher miles can be arranged for a monthly fee. Finding the perfect new Lincoln model is certainly an important opportunity, but before you go home with your new Lincoln SUV or car, you should decide if leasing or buying your next vehicle is right for you.