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The rules applicable to the use of capital letters are different in English and Romanian. Part of the common translation errors is to apply the English rules to the Romanian text. Often, the context tells the translator that something is wrong with the meaning he suspects and that he should consult the dictionary, but there are also situations where the wrong translation seems acceptable. For example, in English, the series was summarized with a new episode seems to mean that the series has been summarized in a new episode, but it actually means that the series has been resumed by the broadcast of the new episode after an interruption. OBSERVATIONS REGARDING THE RENTAL AGREEMENT WITH LILAC Determining the extent to which an obligation contains a rental agreement implied in a rental agreement The table below contains a number of examples of “fake or semi-hawk” friends in alphabetical order. The words, which mean nothing in the “False translation” section, represent “semi-wrinkled friends.” In recent decades, in Romanian, many Anglicanisms have penetrated, borrowing words from English to refer to newly created terms, especially in the fields of computer science, internet, science and technology, fashion, etc. The growing number of Romanians who know and actively use English has accelerated this trend and has sometimes led to excesses, that is, to the loan of English words, to quote old realities for which the Romanian lexicon already has slow terms. These unnecessarily borrowed anglicisms constitute barbarism, and correct writing, including on Wikipedia, must avoid such excesses which, for demanding readers, are clumsy, even signs of snobbery in the natural use of the Romanian language. The table below gives examples of avoidable Anglicans.

A number of English loans have already been adapted to Romanian graphic design, but in some clumsy translations they also appear in the original graphic, giving the impression that they would have been loaned more recently than is the case. B42 Lease payments include all firm leasing payments in the fund. Incorrect, inappropriate or clumsy translations reduce the quality of Romanian Wikipedia articles. The first page aims to support those who contribute to English translations by pointing out typical and frequent errors that can be avoided with little attention. Search Results: 28. Exactly: 28. Response time: 46ms. Search for other words in the English-Romanian dictionary.

The rules regarding the use of punctuation panels and sometimes even the shape of the characters differ between English and Romanian. ASSETS SUBJECT TO AN OPERATIONAL LEASING CONTRACT (21 These rates come from external sources and may not be correct. is not responsible for their content. Often, in English and privately on the English Wikipedia, communities from different countries are called communy. DESCRIPTION OF THE SPANISH TAX SYSTEM IN LEASING ASSETS subject to an operating contract (21 rents and annual rent for the site in the long term In addition to “false friends”, there are also “semi-wrinkled friends”. In their case, the Romanian word is similar in the form of one of the possible translations, but often the Romanian equivalent is nevertheless different. For example, save can also mean “save” (before drowning, a file, etc.), but in many other situations it must be translated into something else: hold, tidy, save, etc. There are many names of people, places, etc., which have ceased with different grafs in both languages.. .