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This was almost a common affair, with the variation in the company agreement being supported by only 51 percent of employees. A gain is always a gain as long as it stays that way. This is a great asset for Vice Chancellor John Dewar, who has made a strong commitment to the proposed variations to the company agreement and warns of financial conflicts catalyzed by COVID-19. Last week, it appeared that an agreement had been reached because the Fair Work Commission would approve both the ballot and the EAV itself. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the FWC has encouraged “industrial parties” to negotiate allocation variants and added that it is “available to facilitate these discussions upon request” (MWC 7 April). What happened? This may be the warning from the National Tertiary Education Union that the drafting of the agreement has left ambiguities about the need to pay the deferred payment (MWC 25 September). The Trobe U follows U Tas and UWA to secure a declination of company of employees and with strong majorities. In all three cases, management worked with campus union leaders and first presented the proposal to its members. In contrast, the University of Melbourne and the University of Wollongong have decisively lost austerity proposals rejected by the unions. NTEU members opposed to the EAV fear that the treaty change will not save jobs, but shows management that workers are easy goals.

You have produced a video that promotes case no. On Friday, Professor Maskell offered VRs and early retirement.